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Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey - launches November 1

Stigma and Resilience Among Vulnerable Youth Centre (SARAVYC)


Launch of the Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey – November 1, 2018

November 1st marks the launch of the second national Canadian Trans Youth Health Survey (CTYHS)! The first Survey, completed in 2013-14, was a national online survey with 923 participants from all 10 provinces and the Northwest Territories, and included trans and non-binary youth 14-25 years old. Coordinated by SARAVYC Postdoctoral Fellow Dr. Ashley Taylor, the second CTYHS will follow a similar model, albeit with some minor adjustments.

The initial survey established some baseline statistics for trans and non-binary youth in Canada, which were circulated in various publications, including national and provincial-specific community-friendly reports, as well as a number of peer-reviewed papers. These results highlight the significant health and social challenges that trans and non-binary youth face. The 2018 Survey will provide data to improve present knowledge, as well as enable an analysis of changes over the last five years.

The Survey will include questions that have been evaluated and used in other large-scale surveys pertaining to physical, mental and sexual health, safety (e.g., abuse and discrimination), violence, access to health care, technology use, and a variety of potential protective factors (e.g. supportive family relationships, youth engagement, and school, cultural and community connectedness). The Survey will be open for a 6-month period beginning today.

Please share the Survey’s link below with the trans and non-binary youth (and their allies!) in your professional and personal networks.

For more information about SARAVYC please visit:

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